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Turn up the AC because these 26 sex facts will have you grasping for the nearest piece of mail to fan your blushing face. Note to self: visit Greece & Japan. Even if you consider yourself a sexpert, you'll be surprised by these surprising sex facts, including the history of sexuality, fun trivia.

Even if you consider yourself a total sexpert, there is always something new to learn about sex. From all the crazy ways it can improve your. Infertility Is Far More Common Than You May Think. Men Have A G-Spot. Women Think About Sex.A lot. Simultaneous Orgasms Are Extremely Rare. Average Penis Is Inches Long. Sex Can Improve Memory In Women. Men Are Either Growers Or Showers. Oral Sex Can Make A Penis Longer. Here are a few interesting sex facts to stimulate your brain and your downstairs. Because knowledge is power, especially in bed.

For your reading pleasure this weekend, I've compiled a list of ten fun and interesting sex facts that you can share with your friends. Enjoy! 1.

But that doesn't exclude the fact that many women have multiple orgasms that can include pelvic contractions. Some sex educators have compared and contrast. Sexual intercourse has many healthy benefits. Find out how and why sex can make you a happier and healthier person. Did you know that the clitoris is the only bodily organ that exists solely for sexual pleasure? And blue balls isn't just a term made up by horny.

From awkward times for orgasms to the surprising origin of vibrators, these are 25 odd and bizarre facts about sex that you probably didn't.

From sex and tips to improve sex to weird sex acts in humans and animals, here's a rundown of interesting facts about sex. When it comes to love and sex life, there are so many interesting sex facts and sayings that can literally blow anyone's mind. It's true the word. These interesting sex facts prove that our history is filled with all sorts of unusual fetishes and customs.

Many sex facts remain hidden. And the 30 weird and odd sex facts here may have you thinking for quite some time! Curious? Then why are you still waiting?. Let's talk about sex, baby. And not just the usual stuff. From the weird and mythical to the interesting and educational, here are some sex facts you need to know. You will never look at sex the same way again after reading these sex facts — about everything from virginity to orgasms.

sex, sexual intercourse, sex facts, orgasms, vibrators, sex toys Lubrication during sexual excitement varies greatly among women and can.

Sex is a weird, messy, and constantly surprising sequence of events. With an act so unpredictable, there's got to be all kinds of far out facts.

Endlessly fascinating and always controversial, there are a million and one ways to talk about sex. But we reckon even a seasoned sexpert.

You've heard what they say: Knowledge is pleasure, er, power. Arm yourself with these sex facts. Considering that sex is a bit peculiar on its own, we got to thinking about all the things we don't know about this act, about all the weird facts out. Let's talk about sex, baby - the good, the bad and the plain ugly. Actually, there isn't a lot of good in ferret sex to semen ink, you'll.

If there's one television programme that's taught us more about the wonders of the world than any other it has to be QI. The hit BBC quiz show is. Sexual facts for sexual acts [George W Jacoby] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sex Each Day Can Keep the Doctor Away. When one Physical health is sexual health When it Comes to Sex, Men and Women Can be a Switch or an Iron.